What crossbred cow would you suggest for a Piedmontese bull?

Our preference would be to turn the scenario around and choose cows that would best fit your environment, and then choose a purebred or composite bull that would best match your cows and your intended market.

However, you may already have the Piedmontese bull or you may want to produce calves to fit a branded beef program that pays a premium for lean, high-muscle calves sired by a Piedmontese bull. If the latter is the case, then a British x Continental cow such as Angus x Simmental, Angus x Gelbvieh, or Angus x Charolais would certainly be a good choice and probably offer more growth in calves than a British x British cow such as Angus x Hereford or Angus x Shorthorn. The British x British cow would typically be smaller in mature size, lower in maintenance, have a small advantage in fertility, and would maintain greater body condition than the British x Continental cow.

Although Piedmontese-sired calves are lean and muscular, their growth is only average as compared to most British cross calves, and the Piedmontese-sired heifer calves have lower fertility and greater calving difficulty. You might view them as terminal crosses and not keep any such heifers as replacements.