Initial Genome-Wide Association Study of Feed Intake-Related Traits in Beef Cattle

Picture of cows at feed bunker

   Initial Genome-Wide Association 

   Study of Feed Intake-Related

   Traits in Beef Cattle

    Feed Efficiency Consortium 


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Importance of Feed Efficiency

The ability to improve the utilization of nutrients has tremendous potential to improve profitability.  It …

On average, how many pounds of corn make one pound of beef? Assuming an all-grain diet from backgrounding through to 1,250-pound slaughter weight, I have heard estimates ranging from 6 pounds corn/1 pound beef to 20 pounds corn/1 pound beef. Can you clarify?

You ask a really good question. There are reasons why you have heard many numbers because it depends a bit on production practices and your definition of a pound of beef. An old rule of thumb is that it requires …