Carrying Capacity-beef cattle

Carrying Capacity – The maximum stocking rate possible without damaging vegetation or related resources. The potential number of animals or liveweight that may be supported on a unit area for a grazing season based on forage potential. Carrying capacity may …

Feed Adulterants

Feed Adulterants– Toxic organisms, filth, pesticide residues, radioactive fallout, any poisonous or deleterious substance, or any substance added to increase bulk or weight in a food product.…



In ruminants: An abnormal condition in ruminants characterized by a distention of the rumen, usually seen on an animal’s upper left side, owing to an accumulation of gases.

In dogs: A twisting of the stomach that can be …

Buller-Steer Syndrome

Buller-Steer Syndrome– A behavior problem where a steer has a sexual attraction to other steers in the pen. The steer is ridden by the other steers, resulting in poor performance, reduced gains and injury or death.

Potential Causes

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