Feeding and Managing Cull Cows

Dry Lotting

Some basic elements that should be evaluated before feeding cows include facilities and equipment. Since cows are substantially larger than most feedlot steers they will require more bunk space. Most recommendations suggest between 20 and 24 inches …

Beef Cattle Learning Lessons

Your Beef Cattle Specialists are working to create online learning opportunities that teach management techniques to producers that influence their profit potential.

Future lessons include:
  • Body Condition Scoring for Beef Cattle
Read More Today: Body Condition Useful Tool to Cattle

Preparing for the Calving Season


Calving is one of the most important times on the production calendar. Management decisions made prior to this period can influence success at calving and ultimately profitability of an operation.


The last trimester of pregnancy is when the …

Salvaging Wheat as Hay


Wheat growers worry about poor grain yields. Thin stands, dry soils, uneven maturity, and various pests have lowered yield expectations in many fields.

If stands are thin, maybe wheat hay is a better alternative. Because wheat usually yields over two …