How often and when do I need to deworm my cattle?

Deworming strategies will vary tremendously from one environment to another. Producers should visit with local extension educators concerning deworming strategies that have been successful in their area. In some regions, deworming calves may be more cost-effective than deworming just the cows. In some areas, anthelmintics may need to include fluke control ingredients; whereas in other areas, these would be unnecessary.

In areas where cattle are dewormed, it is recommended to treat cattle one or two times a year and calves at weaning. It has now been determined that if nursing calves are also dewormed they will have an increased weaning weight. Treating cows regularly for parasites will increase milk production. You need to treat the cows and calves for parasites before the summer brownout. The term “summer brownout” refers to the months of June, July and August.