Feeding and Managing Baby Calves from Birth to 3 Months of Age

Fact Sheet Written by

Donna M. Amaral-Phillips, Patty B. Scharko, John T. Johns, and Sharon Franklin

And Provided by

University of Kentucky http://www.uky.edu/Ag/AnimalSciences/pubs

As the future productive units of a dairy herd, heifers represent a substantial financial investment in feed and labor. This investment needs to be protected by managing and feeding these heifers so that they grow economically and at an optimal rate in order to calve at 24 months of age. The first two to three months of life is a critical period to achieving these objectives. This factsheet explains the critical steps in raising calves during this time period. These steps are important for raising not only dairy heifers but also orphan beef calves.

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Baby Calves