Do you know of plans to build a calf-warmer/box? Are you better off just buying a commercial unit? They seem to run around $400.

It is probably good to have a calf-warmer available when you calve cows in Nebraska in the spring. There are a number of good calf-warmers available if you decide not to build one. We do not promote any one commercial calf-warmer and would suggest you go to the Web and do a search for calf-warmers.

If you decide to build one, there are a couple of different plans provided in the Midwest Planning Service book. Most Cooperative Extension offices will have a copy. If you want your own copy, the 2006 MWPS (Midwest Plan Service) catalog is available at the MWPS Web site or by calling 1-800-562-3618 or 1-515-294-4337. The catalog is free and contains more than 175 low-cost and free agricultural publications, some downloadable, plus a list of more than 100 free building plans available from the MWPS Web site. Seventeen new publications as well as sale items are featured.