Can I make my own home-mixed mineral supplements?

In some cases it may be economically advantageous to do your own formulating. There are some excellent commercial mineral mixes on the market, and many companies can help you in formulating a proper mineral mix for your cattle. Simple mixes such as 50 percent trace mineralized salt and 50 percent dicalcium phosphate make a very good mineral for cows. This mix containing 9.5 percent phosphorus, is easy to mix and is very functional for beef cows under many grazing systems. For stockers on native range, a mixture of two-thirds trace mineralized salt and one-third dicalcium phosphate is adequate. In doing your own self-mixing, it is important that you understand what you are trying to accomplish and that you get a good mix on the mineral prior to feeding. Add 3 to 5 percent dry molasses to prevent caking and increase palatability. Be sure to monitor consumption closely to ensure adequate intake and to avoid over consumption. If cattle over-consume, salt can be added.