Can corn screenings such as bee’s wings and cracked kernels be used as supplemental feed for spring calving cows and wintering bulls being fed hay? Or would it be better to mix the screenings with other products such as oats and soybeans to get more feed value? Are there any dangers to feeding only screenings?

Corn screenings can be fed to cattle. Screenings are usually about 11 percent crude protein and equal in energy to corn. Because of their small particle size, they present a dust concern and will be digested in the rumen at a rapid rate. Overfeeding can cause rumen acidosis. So caution is advised. Step cattle up gradually when feeding and do not exceed one-fourth to maybe one-third of the total ration. Add something like silage or other moist feed to keep the dust down and make sure that the ration is totally mixed. You may need to adjust the protein supplement because of the high protein content of the screenings.